There are four key principles or practices that govern the way we engage and relate as Christians. In short we call them our 4 W’s. They are, the Word, Worship, Warmth of community, and Witness to the world. Word. We believe the only relevant message that the church has is contained in the inerrant Word of God. We hold it as infallible in the original Scriptures. We seek as far as our frail natures will allow, to proclaim its contents, in all their glory and majesty, every time we gather as a community. Worship. We understand that the chief aim of man is to glorify and worship the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Worship is a foundational and central part of all Christian living. We worship both in singing as a community as well as the music of our daily living. Warmth. We want to be a community characterized by authentic love, affection and service to one another. We understand the distinguishing characteristic of believers must be their love for one another. This is expressed in meaningful and substantial care, compassion and service towards each other. Witness. Finally, we believe the mission of the church is to share the Gospel with others. We need to be a community that is primarily outward looking and which focuses its time and resources on delivering the Gospel to those who have not heard or who have heard and have not yet understood.