Men’s 24hr Blast

Dear Men

Time is fast approaching for another amazing time away, together!  I think this is the fifth iteration of the series and I am expecting even greater things and transformations then before!

Make no mistake. Your life will be changed. It will be changed for the better.

You will not regret making the decision and taking the risk to spend time with us!

I therefore encourage you to sign up!!  Please respond, at the latest by this Sunday, October 26.


Event details

As you must have heard by now, we are changing things a little this time round.  Instead of the tried and tested Green Club Resort (which we will always remember fondly), we are holding the event at Ibis Hotel in District 7.  Consequently the fees has gone up as the costs of holding the event there is much higher. Following are the details:

Venue: Ibis Hotel for the talks
Sports: Indoor stadium about five minutes away from Ibis Hotel
Dates: Away from Friday 7th 18h30 to Saturday 27th 17h00+/-
Speaker: Alan Frow from Orange County USA
Costs:  1,650,000 VND or 1 million VND for Twin share (we have sponsorships available; please speak to Ben or Paul Wong about this)
Rooms: First confirmed, first to get rooms!  There are limited rooms available so please confirm soon.

Registration: Please register with:

Benjamin Yap  at; or

Paul Wong at

Deadline: Please register by this Sunday, October 26.

Transport: As it is in District 7, we assume that you will be able to find your own transport there.

Please note the following for those riding your bikes or driving your cars:

Bikes: Overnight parking at Ibis is available; fee is VND 10,000.
Cars: Overnight parking is available at Dai Minh Office Building (between Parkson & Munulife); fee is VND 100,000.

However this is only from 5.30pm to 7am.  Outside of this period, you are allowed to park the car on the main road in front of the hotel.

Final Word

Men, this time together is life changing.  You will have your hearts stirred and minds awakened! There is not time to waste as we press on with our work of discovering our maleness so that we can be the husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, and bosses that God intended us to be! Let me end with a few stanzas from my old school song:
Life and time will not delay,
Time is running fast away,
Life is now today; today;
Up and On!
Up Men! Truest fame
Lies in high endeavour;
Play the game! Keep the flame
Burning brightly ever!
Foes in plenty we shall meet,
Hearts courageous scorn defeat;
So we press with eager feet,
Up and On!
Ever onward to the fight,
Ever upward to the Light,
Ever true to GOD and RIGHT,
Up and On!
Up Men! Truest fame
Lies in high endeavour;
Play the game! Keep the flame
Burning brightly ever!

Looking forward to seeing many more men at our retreat this year!!
Again, please respond by immediately you have not already..”

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