Preparing for Worship

Dec-2014-Blog-Image The Christian life is lived from Lord’s Day to Lord’s Day. Corporate worship is the high point of our week and the constant rhythm of our lives. We dare not “neglect meeting together, as is the habit of some” (Heb. 10:25), because there is nothi...

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What an invitation…!

And Moses said to Hobab the son of Reuel the Midianite, Moses’ father-in-law, “We are setting out for the place of which the LORD said, ‘I will give it to you.’ Come with us, and we will do good to you, for the LORD has promised good to Israel.” (Numbers 10:29)

Three things in the above verse challenge me.


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The Four Keys to a Real Prayer Life

Taken from a daily devotional by J.D. Walt from


I want to begin today by asking you a piercing question. Ready? Are you doing what Jesus taught us in Matthew 6:6?

Be honest. Ok, I’ll go first.


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“Which of the two did the will of the father?” Matthew 21:31

Following the dilution of absolutes, much decision-making in current culture is characterised or influenced by what people find convenient and comfortable, rather than what is...

Dear One and All

‘Postmodern' is a term used by philosophers, artists, and writers to mean a serious and sceptical reinterpretation of culture, literature, history and architecture.  This reinterpretation is also extended to religion. ...

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