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We believe the Bible (every verse in all 66 books) originated with and was breathed out by God. It speaks with the authority of God while at the same time reflecting the backgrounds, styles, and vocabularies of the various human authors. In its original manuscripts, it is infallible and inerrant. It is the full and final authority on all matters of faith and practice. No other writing is similarly inspired by God, nor has the Bible’s life-transforming power.

Therefore, it is to be t...

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A Few Crumbs…

“Let your love, God, shape my life with salvation, exactly as you promised.”(Psalm 119:41 - paraphrased in “The Message”)

The words reveal the heart and character of David, Israel’s greatest King, and one whom scripture describes as being “a man after His own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14). David was the youngest of eight brothers. He was deemed too young and too small to even be...

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Qualifications for Disciples


Jesus, Son of Joseph
Woodcrafter Carpenter Shop

Jordan Management Consultants

Dear Sir,

Thank you for submitting the resumes of the twelve men you have picked for management positions in your new organization. All of them have now taken our battery of tests; we have not only run the results through our computer, but also arranged personal int...

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Raising Children to Counter the Culture

I’m not raising my kids to be safe. Oh, sure, we wear our helmets and our seat belts, but from the moment they are placed in my arms, I’m preparing them for the Leaving. We’re raising these little lives with hope that they will follow Christ. And we’re absolutely positive that will lead them to Dangerous Places. So while they briefly grow in our home, we tuck them up close and fill their heads and ears with stories of God’s faithfulness to carry them wherever they go. These stories ...

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A few crumbs…

Blessed is he who considers the poor; The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. The Lord will preserve him and keep him alive, and he will be blessed on the earth: You will not deliver him to the will of his enemies. (Psalm 41:1-2)

The global financial pressures of the past six years have done much to cast aspersions upon the promises of advisers, brokers and in...

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The Open Hands of the Gospel

He may have been a wee little man, but he was the kingpin of the Jericho tax cartel. He was a filthy rich little guy, this Zacchaeus. But when he met Jesus, everything changed — not only his heart, but his hands. The same fingers that once reached to extort filthy lucre, now extended with generosity to the poor, and to pay back fourfold anyone he’d defrauded. (Luke 19:8)

Sign of a New Sou...

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