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We believe the church is the community of God’s redeemed people, all who have truly trusted Christ alone for their salvation. The church is created by the Holy Spirit to exalt Jesus Christ as Lord of all. Christ is the Head, Lord, Savior and King of the Church. This one universal church finds expression in varied local churches. In each local church, believers are to be a spiritual family that regularly gathers for worship, prayer, the teaching of the Word, baptism and communion. Each churc...

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We believe in salvation by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ. This salvation is based upon the sovereign grace of God. It was purchased by Christ on the cross and is received through faith independent of any human merit, works or ritual. We believe salvation results in righteous living, good works, and proper social concern.

We believe that all true believers, having been justified, shall be kept eternally secure (saved) forever. It is the unmerited grace and keeping and sust...

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We believe the Holy Spirit is the primary person of the Trinity at work in applying the finished work of Christ in the lives of God’s people. The Holy Spirit illumines the Bible, empowers Gospel preaching, brings regeneration and sanctifies the believer into the image of Christ. Scripture calls believers to glorify Christ. This calling is only possible through continual reliance on the Spirit’s presence, power and leadership. The Spirit reveals the Father and the Son to us, pouring out th...

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We believe that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God. He became fully human, while continuing to be fully God. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and was born of a virgin girl named Mary. He lived a sinless life that was marked by casting out demons, miracles and preaching the Kingdom of God. He related to the Father with perfect obedience and intimacy. He came to be the substitutionary sacrifice for humanity. His sacrifice provided the free, gift of eternal life, which includes forgivene...

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We believe God created humankind, male and female, in his own image and likeness with dignity and worth. He created us to worship, enjoy and love Him forever, and to be responsible stewards of His creation. Adam and Eve, sinfully defied God, corrupting the entire human race, alienating us from God, and bringing us under his righteous judgments.

Neither good deeds nor religious observance are able to restore this broken relationship with God. God lovingly took it upon himself to resto...

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We believe God is uncreated, eternal, self –sustaining, unchanging, all-knowing, all-powerful, present everywhere and entirely wise, good, loving, gracious, compassionate, righteous and holy. This one God eternally exists as a loving community of three equal persons – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. They are equal in nature, but distinct in role and relationship. God created the universe, the world and everything in it. Through his sovereign authority and unrivalled ...

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